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World-Class Research

OPC is invested in chronic care and rare disease research and the development of new clinical tools. Our tools provide support to improve patient outcomes and generate more effective clinical management strategies and protocols for healthcare professionals.

Key Activities


Investigations and analysis of current data and world’s best practice programmes (e.g. quality improvement programs in UK, USA and worldwide), as applied to the UK


Information gathering and GP liaison activities. Design and development of information gathering systems


Development of algorithms and database programming to achieve appropriate information gathering for the analysis phase


Testing of conclusions based on analysis of the evidence gathered.  Concept development of preliminary theoretical treatment protocols.

Our Research

OPC offers a wide range of world-class research support options designed to equip general practices with the resources required to successfully deliver clinical trials and research that makes a difference to their patients. We have supported over 14 trials in UK primary care, including 3 novel ongoing cluster randomised trials.

In order to improve outcomes and care for patients across the UK, OPC is committed to supporting research and trials in primary care. To do this we have brought together leading experts to:

  • Develop a patient focused research that is integrated into primary care.
  • Explore new avenues for the implementation of research within primary care.
  • Advance patient care by using evidence based best practice.
  • Improve the speed, quality and delivery of clinical trials in primary care.
  • Provide excellent support to any general practice conducting research activities.

Our research is governed by the highest ethical standards and is subject to a rigorous review process.

Optimum Patient Care is a not-for-profit, social enterprise, improving the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic diseases within primary care.

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