John Tessurvey
56 year old, Male

COVID-19 Patient Summary Report Report (Aug. 21, 2020)


Key Results

COVID-19 Risk Status High
COVID-19 Diagnosis Confirmed
COVID-19 Test Blood
COVID-19 Severity Moderate
COVID-19 Exposure Confirmed
Current Symptoms Fever, cough, loss of appetite
Notable Comorbidities Diabetes, hypertension, obesity
Vaccination Status Flu - up to date
Pneumococcus - no record
Mental Health No concerns identified
Fitness & Activity Limitation Managing well - with limitations


High-risk Patient with Comorbidities

Consider providing patients with advice on extra steps to protect themselves.
*Please ensure the patient’s Flu and/or pneumococcal vaccination is up-to-date.

Symptomatic or Exposed Patient

Consider advising symptomatic or exposed patients to undertake free NHS coronavirus test. Advise patients to follow NHS guidance on self-isolation.

COVID-19 Diagnosis

Consider advising patient to follow NHS guidance on self-isolation and self-care and to not delay getting medical attention if symptoms worsen. As COVID-19 is a notifiable disease, please ensure suspected and confirmed cases are correctly recorded in the patient’s records.

COVID-19 Hospitalised Patient

Consider providing patient support with physical rehabilitation and advising the patient to notify the practice of any long-term complications e.g. chronic fatigue. Please consider periodic follow-up review.


Provide patients with appropriate mental health advice and support. Consider referring to mental health services, including local 24/7 open-access mental health crisis support lines where appropriate.

Fitness and Activity Limitation

Consider providing appropriate support for frail and functional decline patients on the basis of their needs. Please consider offering patients local support with physical rehabilitation where appropriate.

Questionnaire Responses

Question Response
Contacted NHS 111 by phone or online for COVID-19 infection or symptoms Yes
Consulted GP/practice nurse over the phone or online for COVID-19 infection or symptoms Yes
Consulted GP/practice nurse face-to-face for COVID-19 infection or symptoms No
Visited Accident and Emergency for COVID-19 infection or symptoms Yes
Admitted to intensive or critical care for COVID-19 infection or symptoms No
Received other treatment in hospital Yes
How many people are in your household including yourself? 3
Have you been exposed to someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection? Yes, confirmed