Partnering with Patients

The ‘real life’ influence of our services to patient care is largely facilitated by tailored patient questionnaires. Optimum Patient Care has contributed to cutting edge developments in respiratory disease management and patients have seen up to 20% reduction in exacerbations compared to controls.

From our work with patients we aim to answer important questions:

  • How do we ensure that all patients are given the best possible treatment for their individual needs?
  • How do we help patients to effectively manage their own care?
  • How can we enable patients to develop a clear understanding of disease control and treatment?

Benefits for Patients

  • Diagnosing potential undiagnosed patients for early intervention
  • Improving patient involvement in care through patient questionnaires
  • Self-management plans provide patients with a clear understanding of disease control to help monitor symptoms and better manage their condition and treatment.
  • Health benefits for patients e.g. avoidance of side effects through discontinuation of inappropriate treatments
  • Opportunities for patients to participate in research