Our Story

Optimum Patient Care (OPC) has over 14 years’ worth of experience supporting primary care within the United Kingdom (UK). OPC currently provides a range of services to health care professionals and health care organisations, working in collaboration with over 700 general practices across the UK. The services provided include:

  • Quality Improvement Programme
  • Research support services (observational, database and clinical trials)
  • Data extraction services
  • Educational activities in practical disease management

OPC’s focus is helping primary health practitioners improve the care and management of patients with chronic medical conditions, in particular Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. OPC offers a unique Quality Improvement Programme to general practices in the UK, including individually tailored practice reports providing a breakdown of patient demographics, current treatments and diagnoses. Please click here for an example of our COPD or Asthma practice report.

Led by internationally recognised experts in all areas of respiratory medicine, OPC provides support to GP surgeries, focusing on:

  • Patient assessment and review
  • Patient self-management
  • Quality Improvements in primary care

OPC has extensive experience in conducting real-life research. General practices collaborating with OPC contribute anonymised data to the OPC Research Database (OPCRD) to enable scientific research to better understand chronic diseases and improve health outcomes. The OPCRD (Optimum Patient Care Research Database) has contributed to over 70+ research publications to date.

OPC offers general practices opportunities to participate within paid, ethically-approved research studies and provides a range of paid services for specialised audits, targeted research and educational activities. OPC also collaborates with pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to facilitate, ethically approved, non-interventional clinical studies.