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Rare Disease Clinical Audit Service

Our service supports clinicians to review the identification and management of their patients with rare disease, combining extracted coded data from de-identified patient electronic medical records and questionnaire data and align it to best clinical practice guidelines.

Benefits to Your Practice
  • Epidemiological summary report tailored for your practice as well as patient-level reports
  • Easily identify non-adherent patients (questionnaire)
  • Create specific plans to reduce unscheduled care and de-escalate treatment.

Benefits to GPs
  • High-risk patients are identified that could otherwise remain hidden to the GP
  • Education directly reflecting your own patient
  • Opportunity to participate in research



Benefits for Patients
  • Earlier intervention for potentially undiagnosed patients¬†leading to improved care
  • Patient self-management plans to better control and treat the disease and help monitor symptoms
  • Health benefits through discontinuation of inappropriate treatments

Optimum Patient Care is a not-for-profit, social enterprise, improving the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic diseases within primary care.

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