The Introduction of Biologics to treat severe asthma

#Asthma may be one of the most common diseases, yet it’s still difficult to manage. The introduction of #biologics has been nothing short of revolutionary because physicians now have more options to treat #severeasthma. But even if a biologic is effective in controlled clinical trials, it doesn’t always mean it can help any and every patient in real life. This is where registries come in; by obtaining real-world evidence. Registries can provide information on the actual effectiveness of drugs in real-life. And such information can help tailor treatments for patients. #ISAR, the first global severe asthma registry, has been able to provide real-world findings that can inform clinical practice. For example, the FIRE study found anti–IL-5/5R therapy to be more effective than anti-IgE therapy in patients eligible for both.

Follow this link for even more interesting findings from registries!
Also, check out this figure that shows the efficacy and effectiveness of drugs in different study designs!

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