Tailored Practice Reports

Practices participating in OPC Quality Improvement (QI) programme are provided with annual tailored child asthma, adult asthma and COPD reports. The reports are specific to each practice and outcome measures are compared with that of the overall OPC Quality Improvement Database.

Practice reports cover extensive aspects of Asthma & COPD care including, but not limited to:

  • Diagnosis and potentially undiagnosed patients
  • Patient demographics (age, co-morbidities and smoking status)
  • Disease control and severity status
  • Patient risk stratification and exacerbations
  • Adherence and concordance with therapy
  • Patient reviews and self-management plans
  • Management and therapy recommendations based on guidelines
  • Focus areas for improvement – if requested by your practice

Unique Reports

Practices can use our reports to compare their performance against an average practice in our service. The reports enable a practice to target patients in need of review and intervention to optimise their care. They also help a practice to meet QoF targets and guideline recommendations for best practice. Subsequent annual reports allow a practice to track its progress and improvements from year to year.

Example Practice Level Reports: