Clinical Reviews

[fusion_text]OPC performs patient assessments and reviews to identify and implement improvements in asthma and COPD patient care and achieve better alignment to treatment best practices.

The OPC Clinical Review goes beyond an audit of practice data.

The OPC difference: Through the combined use of tailored patient questionnaires and treatment templates, OPC Clinical Reviews equips primary care givers with the necessary tools and data to drive better clinical outcomes through better understanding of how their patients respond to treatment in real life situations. OPC empowers primary care providers to:

  • Gain a better understanding of their patients – lifestyle, activities, etc.
  • Gauge treatment effectiveness for different patient profiles
  • Decide on the best possible treatment suited to their patients’ individual needs
  • Help their patients take greater ownership of their treatment, and effectively manage their own care by fostering clearer understanding of their disease control and treatment

Since 2005, OPC has conducted over X clinical reviews, and practices have seen an improvement in average QOF scores by X% for asthma & COPD treatments.

The following diagram describes the OPC clinical review approach:

  • should include information on templates, questionnaires, tools etc.

The OPC Clinical Review is offered free of charge to GPs and CCGs. All data collected from reviews is anonymised and fed into the OPCRD for the purposes of furthering real life research in asthma and COPD treatments.

Unique insights provided by the OPC Clinical Review:

  • Patient responsiveness to treatments as a function of demographics, lifestyles, co morbidity factors, etc.
  • Better understanding of effect of treatment changes for different patient profiles over time
  • Benchmarking of patient and practice data against healthcare practices all across the UK

Important things to know about the OPC Clinical Review:

  • Each clinical review is tailored specifically to the individual needs of the practice
  • All clinical reviews are implemented with minimal disruption to practices through software automation
  • All patient data is anonymised according to HRC guidelines
  • OPC works within NICE and BTS guidelines and is subject to open ended review by independent primary care respiratory medicine experts