Research Support

OPC offers a wide range of research support options designed to equip general practices with the resources required to successfully deliver clinical trials and research that makes a difference to their patients. We have supported over 13 clinical trials in UK primary care, including 3 novel ongoing cluster randomised trials. Find out more about our ongoing studies.

In order to improve outcomes and care for patients across the UK, Optimum Patient Care is committed to supporting research and clinical trials in primary care. To do this we have brought together leading experts to:

  • Develop a patient focused research that is integrated into primary care.
  • Explore new avenues for the implementation of research within primary care.
  • Advance patient care by using evidence based best practice.
  • Improve the speed, quality and delivery of clinical trials in primary care.
  • Provide excellent support to any general practice conducting research activities.

When finalising your protocol we can run searches through our database of over 7 million patient records to assess availability of patients meeting the criteria within the UK. From this we can advise on potential patients who have been missed or illustrate where the greatest impact of the inclusion or exclusion criteria is. Minor changes at this stage can greatly influence the ease with which a trial or research can be conducted. A practical and through review can prevent the need for amendments, revisions and changes which are often costly and cause delays and frustration. Starting off with a strong patient pool gives you the best chance at a successful trial.

Before enrolling a practice our data extraction and a subset generation can provide an accurate assessment of potential patients within three days (based on site accommodation). This can be done prior to the site being submitted for R&D approval, reducing costs involved in set up drastically. This fast and effective method gives a definitive number of eligible patients available at any GP practice based on your inclusion and exclusion criteria. The overall impact of this process prevents over enrolment of sites or the involvement of unsuitable sites further reducing expenditure at this stage of your research.

Best used to improve recruitment at initiated practices, our patient identification and invitation service works well at sites which are perhaps not achieving at expected. We are able to more effectively identify patients using our search algorithms which have been developed over many years to find additional appropriate patients. This can also be used to asses if a site has exhausted all potential sites and can therefore be closed to recruitment, allowing for a reliable projection of the need for additional sites.

Many practices are very grateful for the mailing service we provide as it not only saves them time and resources but is also a secure process which complies with with NHS Information Governance and Research Ethics Committee guidelines.

To conduct this, we:

  • Gather practice data in an anonymised format so no patient identifiable information leaves the practice.
  • Review the data based on the study inclusion and exclusion criteria and identify the patients that are potentially eligible to participate in the study.
  • The anonymised study-eligible patient list is provided to the practice where the list can be de-anonymised and printed to reveal the patients
  • The patient list is then reviewed by the practice to exclude any patients you deemed unsuitable or inappropriate to be invited into the study

Our team will then support the practice to send study invitations and information to patients using individual practice system for practice contact.

By searching through patient records from over 800 GP practices in the UK we are able to quickly locate and recruit practices into research. We can specifically target those with the largest patient numbers as well as using our relationship with the GPs to find highly motivated and driven sites. We are then able to put specially selected, interested sites into contact with the research organisation and facilitate the identification and mailing of patients once R&D approval is received. This service is well suited to studies that are not running to a tight timeline or do not need intensive measures to ensure success.

The full support package is our comprehensive clinical trial and research delivery option. Every aspect of the study is provided by our specialist team based on the requirements outlined within your protocol, which will review and advise on. We will identify and recruit the most suitable sites who will then be trained to your standards whilst we invite eligible patients to participate. This includes patient recruitment phone calls to book them into their clinic visits, all clinic scheduling and set up. The visits themselves will be facilitated either by intensively supported site staff or an appropriate member our team depending on the resources and level of support required by the site.

Our team are able to provide support with:

  • Protocol review and advice
  • Site identification and recruitment
  • Admin and site documentation support
  • Data review and patient identification
  • Patient phone calls
  • Screening
  • Clinics bookings and site correspondence
  • Study visits and procedures
  • (e)CRFs completion
  • Interactice voice response system (IVRS) entry
  • Study drug management (IMP)
  • Study/site file menegement (ISF)
  • Safety and adverse event (SAE) reporting
  • Data cleaning and query resolution

By using this model from the beginning of your research we can guarantee success and a stress free trial. It is also possible to use this as a very effective and fast rescue for studies at risk of failure. Let us deliver your study for you.