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The CONQUEST Quality Standards (QS) aim to enhance care for COPD patients at a higher, yet modifiable, risk of COPD exacerbations, increased morbidity and mortality. Learn more about the QS underpinning the CONQUEST program by viewing this slide summary:

OPRI & Optimum Patient Care are proud to announce the launch of PREVAIL, an innovative trial targeting patients with higher risk of COPD – with and without a current COPD diagnosis. Evaluating the impact of the CONQUEST quality improvement program on major COPD outcomes, PREVAIL aims to build on prior OPRI research and improve understanding of the impact of earlier detection and optimized management of COPD. To learn more about the PREVAIL trial, read more here

Optimum Patient Care UK (OPC) and world-leading Singapore-based research organisation, the Observational Pragmatic Research Institute (OPRI) have collaborated and launched the novel Platform C19, which enables research into whether chronic disease and their treatment impacts on outcomes from COVID 19. For more information on Platform C19, read more here.

On this year’s World COPD Day, we are proud to launch CONQUEST, a first-of-its-kind Quality Improvement Initiative for Achieving Excellence in Standards for COPD Care. Through the CONQUEST program we aim to improve the prompt identification of high-risk COPD patients, and to support the adoption of guideline-led, clinical decision-making for all patients with COPD.  Learn more about how the CONQUEST Program will address gaps in COPD care to improve patient outcomes, read more here

Optimum Patient Care (OPC) has announced the launch of its novel, free of charge COVID-19 Quality Improvement Programme for NHS Primary Care Providers across the UK. The Programme is developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners to support the NHS and GPs dealing with the pandemic, including accurate data about their patients with COVID-19, those affected by lockdown, as well as current advice on how to best use their resources to catch up with non-COVID-19 issues.

The Programme is funded and delivered by OPC Quality Improvement Service, a non-profit social enterprise that already provides quality improvement services to over 700 GP practices in the UK.

Read more here.

Past Events

On the 28-30 March 2019, OPC attended the (REG) Summit in Athens to discuss our research support services.

We also had representatives from the ISAR teams across the world who were discussing maximising the first International Severe Asthma Registry. Our very own David Price delivered a presentation on this.


On 1st march 2019 one of the leading respiratory experts in the UK, Dr Rupert Jones, attended the Optimum Patient Care office to give our hard working team an overview on Asthma and COPD.

The day consisted of being split into two sections (Asthma and COPD) where staff members could ask questions as they went along.

On 21st February 2019 Rebecca Slight (Service Manager) and Carole Andrews (HR Lead) attended the University of Cambridge Career’s Event. Representing OPC (Optimum Patient Care) & OPRI (Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute)

There they met with potential candidates wishing to look for their first career step after graduating.

For more information on the event or enquires about how you can join the Optimum Patient Care team please email