Patient Level Reports

We recognise that change can only happen at a patient level. As such, we provide practices with individual patient reports for Asthma and COPD. These reports are accessible on practice computers via our bespoke Optimum Patient Care Tools software. Along with receiving a user-guide on how to use Optimum Patient Care Tools, our service team will provide support on accessing your patient level reports and using our tools.

Individual patient reports support clinicians with face-to-face patient consultations. They help identify high-risk patients and other specific patient groups for review and intervention to optimise their care. Each patient has a personalised feedback section which can be provided to them as a self-management plan which is based on OPC researchers, epidemiologists and national guidelines. Patient reports cover extensive aspects of Asthma & COPD care including, but not limited to:

  • Individual patient summary
  • Summary of patient questionnaire response
  • Identification of high risk patients
  • Patients associated with recommendations in practice reports
  • Personalised feedback for patients (self-management plan)
  • Disease symptoms and control status
  • Co-morbidities and smoking status
  • Therapy status and overview
  • Tools for referral to respiratory specialist

OPC Tools

OPC Tools is a bespoke primary care respiratory patient management tool. The tool is part of the Optimum Patient Care (OPC) Quality Improvement programme provided to general practices at no cost. The tool has been developed to support practices to review their clinical data to help optimise the care and management of patients with asthma and COPD and to improve patient outcomes. The tool is accompanied by tailored practice reports for child asthma, adult asthma and COPD.

Some key features of OPC Tools include:

  • Risk stratification – help reduce exacerbations and hospital attendance/admission
  • Diagnosis and case finding – to improve prevalence and appropriate treatment
  • Disease symptoms and control status – targeted intervention and appropriate referral
  • Individual patient reports with recommendations – for targeted individual patient care
  • Therapy status and overview – for appropriate treatment and cost savings from avoiding inappropriate treatment
  • Personalised feedback for patients – to help with patient self-management

An example of our COPD patient level reports on OPC tools

An example of our Asthma patient level report on OPC tools

For a detailed step by step on how to use OPC tools and how to access your patient level reports please call our operational team on our dedicated phone line who will be on hand to assist you with any questions you may have.

We always recommend booking an appointment in as this can take up to 30 minutes.

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