CONQUEST is a novel primary care quality improvement programme to support you to provide optimal care for your patients with COPD. CONQUEST promotes the implementation of 4-evidence based Quality Standards, aiming to enhance patient care, reduce exacerbations and improve health care outcomes.


CONQUEST aims to close the gaps in current COPD care by driving EARLY identification of HIGH-RISK PATIENTS and targeted, risk-based treatment with the patient at the centre.

Our vision is to drive change in the management of patients at risk of COPD exacerbations by imbedding quality standards in routine primary care.

Electronic Health Records

CONQUEST Questionnaire

Early Case Finding

Quality Improvement

OPC Clinician Led Clinics

PREVAIL Research

CONQUEST is free to GP practices and will provide the structure and support to affect changes in patient management by providing a specialist trained healthcare professional to support your practice with:

Identifying high-risk patients with COPD, including those who are undiagnosed

Helping your patients receive a timely assessment of their COPD, optimise their treatment, and assist them to understand the disease and it’s long-term effects

Support implementation of the best available treatment in line with national and local guidance

Review of current management plans

Practice Sites Benefits

Ongoing education, training, support, monitoring and improvement
Package embedded within practice processes and care pathways
Decrease in practice-patient contacts and improved patient experience
Facilitators will help practices with the implementation

What does this mean for you and your patients?

Patients will receive assessments of individual risk and biological traits to drive optimal management and follow up

And this will benefit your patients through:

  • Improving rates of smoking cessation, flu/ pneumococcal vaccination and self-management.
  • Improving assessment and treatment, reducing steroid and antibiotics burden.
  • Optimising treatment that will lead to a reduction in exacerbations and rate of lung function decline, whilst improving COPD control and quality of life.
To join the CONQUEST programme, please contact us via:
01223 967855
This is supported by an academic and primary care expert panel and Co-Funded by OPC Global and AstraZeneca
A European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance (ENCePP®) Registered Datasource (ENCEPP/DSPP/42512)

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