CONQUEST: A Quality Improvement Program for Defining and Optimizing Standards of Care for Modifiable High-Risk COPD Patients

Describing the core framework of the Quality Improvement Program, the latest paper from the CONQUEST program translates the previously published Quality Standards into clinical practice, targeting patients who are at a high yet modifiable risk of COPD exacerbations.

CONQUEST utilises automated, systematic collection of electronic medical record data and patient-reported information to identify these patients and offers clinical decision support to facilitate thorough disease assessment, earlier disease control, and treatment optimisation.

Healthcare systems meeting the program’s minimum requirements are invited to collaborate to build an international network that supports long-term, continuous improvement, and enhanced COPD care for this important patient population.

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Informed by experts on our Global Steering Committee, the CONQUEST program is conducted by Optimum Patient Care (OPC) and the Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute (OPRI) and is co-funded by OPC Global and AstraZeneca

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