Clinical Commissioning Groups

 “I have worked with OPC on several projects, most recently to deliver a CCG wide initiative to improve respiratory care in a CCG comprising of 19 practices. 16 practices took part and the resulting work and clinical improvement which took place after the initial review has resulted in a reduction in admissions in most of the participating practices.”

NHS Norfolk Clinical Respiratory Lead, Dr Daryl Freeman

Standard CCG or health board report:

Our standard CCG reports provide practice level review of the key aspects of the disease and patient management, using data from member practices of the CCG. It includes QOF target and guideline related review and recommendations for improving patient care, patient outcomes, and quality of health services. The CCG or health board may specify key focus areas for reporting. The reports may include patient reported outcomes if patient questionnaires have been implemented across the locality or for selected practices. Please see our questionnaire service for more information on patient questionnaires. The reports are provided at no cost, annually.

Bespoke CCG or health board report:

Our bespoke CCG reports are aimed at providing CCGs and health boards a detailed evaluation and expert recommendations on chosen disease area(s), for quality or patient care improvement using local data. The reports include analysis of practice level data collected from member practices in combination with other publicly available data and hospital data (if provided by the CCG/health board).
The reports include expert review and best-practices recommendations. Bespoke CCG reports are suitable for evaluation of patient outcomes, local healthcare initiatives, targeted quality improvement, where detailed statistical and clinically guided analysis is required. Bespoke reports are also suitable for initiatives which require publication. Bespoke reports are provided at cost based on specific data and analysis requirements. Please contact our service team for further details of our bespoke reporting service.

Case study: NHS North Norfolk CCG – COPD Impact Project (2014 – 2016)

Optimum Patient Care (OPC) was commissioned by NHS North Norfolk CCG to support the COPD Impact initiative involving GP data extraction, risk profiling, COPD therapy review and reporting system for COPD patients for general practices in the North Norfolk area.

16 general practices participated in the initiative which was completed in 2016. OPC supported the CCG to collect service agreements for participating practices. Data extraction was undertaken at all practices for report production. OPC Tools and the OPC tailored practice reports were generated and provided to all participating practices to support the practices with general management of patients with COPD as well as asthma. Tutorials and support on how to access and use OPC Tools along with tailored practice reports were also provided.

OPC Tools was also used to support identification of two targeted COPD patient groups in conjunction with mentored COPD clinics and pulmonary rehabilitation provided by the CCG. Practices were also supported to print out patient lists for these specific patient groups:

  • Patients at increased risk of COPD exacerbations or hospitalisations (high risk COPD patients) who could benefit from intervention to prevent exacerbations and hospitalisations
  • Patients on inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) who could benefit from either reducing their ICS dose or stopping their ICS treatment.

The COPD Impact initiative was a successful project with improvement in skills for clinical staff via the mentored clinics and reduction in hospital admissions in most of the participating practices.

Following on from this, OPC continues to work in partnership with NHS North Norfolk CCG supporting its practices with asthma and COPD care among other initiatives to improve patient outcomes.