About Us

Optimum Patient Care is currently celebrating 10 years as a non-profit social enterprise working with primary care practitioners to produce high quality patient profiles that can make a difference.

As a social enterprise led by internationally recognised experts in all areas of respiratory medicine, Optimum Patient Care provides extensive support to GP surgeries, focussed on:

  • Patient assessment and review
  • Patient self-management
  • Improvements in primary care

We offer a unique review service to practices in the UK, including individually tailored practice reports providing a breakdown of patient demographics, current treatments and diagnoses. In addition, Optimum Patient Care collaborates with both pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to facilitate, ethically approved, non-interventional clinical studies.

We also offer practices opportunities to participate in paid, ethically-approved research studies and provide a range of paid services for specialised audits, targeted research and educational activities as well as collaboration on local and national initiatives.

We are not funded by any pharmaceutical companies, but through ethically approved research conducted on our anonymised database, the Optimum Patient Care Research Database (OPCRD). The OPCRD is governed by the Anonymised Data Ethics Protocols and Transparency (ADEPT) committee..