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  • Data security
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OPC is a not-for-profit organisation that works with primary care utilising routine data, along with patients’ self reporting through postally administered questionnaires, to provide reviews for adults with asthma. Anonymous data from the Optimum Patient Care Database is available for academic research. ADEPT was formed to verify the scientific and ethical soundness of all research proposals submitted.


Chairman: Daryl Freeman

Deputy Chairman

Group Members

  • Iain Small
  • Stan Musgrave
  • Professor Graham Davies, Professor of Clinical Therapeutics
  • Dr Jane Chatworthy, Health Psychologist & researcher in Behavioural Medicine
  • Dr Delyth James, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy

Data Security

Routine data is extracted from primary care practices using MIQUEST, using a coded reference for patients which ensures that patient identity is always protected. Data is provided by GPs and extracted by independent health care professionals who have honorary contracts within the participating practices. Data is updated every four weeks.
The data is managed by the OPC data management team and is held in an academic centre on secure servers. Data will be made available to academic researchers via a secure online service.


  • All studies using OPC data must receive ADEPT approval before proceeding.
  • Any studies which are destined for publication, or for which it is intended to communicate the results to third parties, must receive ADEPT approval before proceeding.
  • Proposed studies should be presented as a protocol (see below, Submission Procedures) and addressed to the OPC Research Co-ordinator. On receipt, applications will be allocated a protocol number, which will be notified to the applicant with an acknowledgement of the protocol’s receipt. The protocol number will be quoted in all future correspondence about the study.
  • All applications should include a completed ADEPT Application Form (see below)
  • All applications should include a copy of the Principal Investigator’s cv (no more than 2 pages long).
  • Any questionnaires that investigators wish to send to GPs as part of a study must also be submitted to ADEPT with the protocol.
  • The ADEPT Research Co-ordinator distributes protocols and questionnaires to ADEPT members. Members will assess that:
    • Practice and patient confidentiality will be maintained
    • There is a well defined hypothesis or clear question to be addressed
    • OPC data is suitable for the research
    • The methodology is considered appropriate and robust
  • The OPECEC Chairman consolidates members’ responses whereupon the Research Co-ordinator informs the applicant.
  • ADEPT may make proposals for modifications to study protocols/questionnaires as a condition of approval.
  • Should applicants wish to discuss ADEPT’s evaluation, they are encouraged to do so, by contacting the Research Co-ordinator by email (or in writing if emailing is not possible).
  • Should an applicant wish to appeal against a decision, this must by email (or in writing if emailing is not possible), with a full explanation, within one month of panel’s decision. A panel of three experts will review the documents and this decision will be final.
  • All submitted protocols and questionnaires are submitted and maintained in confidence.


£500 per application. Discounts maybe available for non commercial research


  • Applications may be submitted to the Research Co-ordinator at any time.
  • To submit protocols, questionnaires and cvs please download our application form by clicking on the button bellow and send them to  by clicking on the link.

Download the ADEPT application form clicking on the button below: